• Forest kingdom
  • Southeast Albania
  • Experience “real” Albania on our classic pristine trails
  • Pine forest century-old

What’s included?

  1. Mountain bike (full suspension)
  2. Protection accessories (helmets, elbow pads, knees pads)
  3. The guide
  4. Technical support

About the activity

This tour is held in one of the most beautiful areas of Southeast Albania, Voskopoja. Voskopoja for 7 centuries holds its roots history, beauty and good reputation. It is the favorite place to relax the mind, to suck fresh air and to spend a different day n from others. Situated 180 km southeast of Tirana (capital of Albania) and 20 km from Korca. Pine forest century-old associated with almost all the way, a wonderful spectacle between pine and spruce. Everything in the forest kingdom where only heard the chirping of birds, which create a real symphony.
Voskopoja stands up among a beautiful plateau of the highest mountain Treves border between Gores and Opar, about 1200m above the level of the sea, surrounded on three sides by mountains, hills and coastlines. Favorable conditions that create fabulous geographic environment, rich in extensive meadows.
The typology of this tour stands between XC and Enduro. Consider that we would be all tour long in the endless magnificent forest of Voskopoja, where the difficulty level of cycling , will be a little bit high in some parts of the itinerary. Along the route you will come across a dense forest of high trees. We will move on two old villages, Shipske and Krushove. There we could find some old Albanian Orthodox churches. The journey will last from 2 hours to 3 hours and 30 minutes.


Local Language:
No. of Participants:
4-15 persons
Ideal for…
Confident bikers, nature lovers
50 Eur and up
The itinerary starts in the center of Voskopoja village towards Krushove and then in Shipske, ending again at the center of Voskopoja.