• Explore the greenest sides of capital’s region
  • Move in a impressive way, by our super bikes
  • Enduro trip not far off the capital city

What’s included?

  1. Mountain bike (full suspension)
  2. Protection accessories (helmets, elbow pads, knees pads)
  3. The guide
  4. Technical support

About the activity

This Enduro route starts from the healing place of Shen Gjergj. Shen Gjergj located on the periphery of Tirana, is a picturesque location of fairytales .
Everywhere green mountains, fields, hills, gorgeous plateau, all created by Mother Nature. The entrance road of Shengjergji passes through some special beauties. Some stunning attractions nearby Shengjergji, that could be visited, are “The Rabbit Lake”, “The Goat’s Waterfall”, “The Wolf’s hole”, “ The Pan’s Rock” and other strange names that seem to have been created from poetries of another era. After passing Shen Gjergj , while riding we will cross Ceruje and its four tiny lakes, our destination will be Kusarth village, 2 km far of Elbasan center, where you can see pretty nice landscapes. Elbasan is the very central city of Albania. Its central location is the reason that sometimes it is referred as “The Bellybutton of Albania”. It lies in the field at the right side of secondary flow of Shkumbini river, at an altitude of 120m above sea level. The city is surrounded on the east by Big and Small Krasta, by hills of olive groves in the north-east and north-west, is bordered by the river Shkumbin and hills of Hajdarani in South part. The hills create a natural green crown and very panoramic sight for the city.


Local Language:
No. of Participants:
4-15 persons
Ideal for…
Mountain fans, biking lovers, Tirana visitors
50 Eur and up
Verri (Shen Gjergj area), Ceruje, Kusarth