An ultimate Off Road Coastline Cycling Tour


  • Outstanding view of the warmest color of Ionian blue
  • Experience “real” Albania on our classic pristine trails
  • Live summer and not only on a couple of wheels

What’s included?

  1. Mountain bike (full suspension)
  2. Protection accessories (helmets, elbow pads, knees pads)
  3. The guide
  4. Technical support

About the activity

With AORC you can discover, on two wheels, one of the most suggestive and genuine corners of coastal areas in Albania, enjoying the magical sensations of a slow travel, closely to nature and to local culture and traditions.
This itinerary begins from the picturesque village of Pilur, well known locally from its elevation and the century old plane tree in the center of the village. This lovely 33 km route provides 5 hours of biking and is an ideal spot for roadside pictures. The route crosses two of main villages of Vlora region, Kuc and Corraj, while continuing in Borsh’s old Castle, one of the most famous touristic attractions of Ionian coast. The castle was built during the Middle Ages and more specifically in the IV century. It lays on an area of 5 hectares with a basement made of stone blocks. Borsh is well known for its beach, being the largest beach in the Ionian Sea (7 km). Tourism has started developing thanks to the beauty of the village. This village welcomes almost 15,000 tourists every summer. The warm blue of the sea and the green of the olive trees are synonyms of Borsh coast.


Local Language:
Albanian, Greek
No. of Participants:
4-15 persons
Ideal for…
Sea lovers, summer adventurers, Balkan’s nature fans, Ionian Sea adorers
50 Eur and up
Pilur, Kuc, Corraj, Borsh