We are “Albania Off Road Cycling”, a team of young and energized people, dedicated to adventure travel and specialized to providing high quality, customer-focused, true off road cycling adventures in Albania.

Andi Qyqja
The idea had appealed to us may be as long as we had firstly ride a bike confidently.

Part of our team is also Andi Qyqja, certificated trainer and one of the most well-known riders in Albania.

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Our tours are scheduled by experienced riders to riders, hence you can be sure that every trip would be arranged and organized in details, in order to be great fun and pretty safe.

So join us to come along and enjoy the phenomenal views, the great camaraderie and the many picture-perfect moments you’ll experience with Albania Off Road Cycling. Whether you ride one segment or several, or complete the entire tour, it’s the achievement of a goal and a great way to get the most of your stay in Albania.


By choosing one of our trips, you will not only get the pleasure of great off road cycling, but you will also learn a lot about local culture, our history and traditions; dive in the rich biodiversity and nature of our mountains; eat delicious traditional food; meet, communicate and even bike with local people.
Think of your ultimate Albania road trip. Chances are epic, cross-country trips not far off.

Experience “real” Albania on our classic pristine trails, in any road trip of your desire.

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