• Experience classic pristine trails beside the lagoon
  • Great eco-tourism
  • Nature and bird watching opportunities
  • Virgin pine forest and open wetlands

What’s included?

  1. Mountain bike (full suspension)
  2. Protection accessories (helmets, elbow pads, knees pads)
  3. The guide
  4. Technical support

About the activity

The route of Karavasta XC crosses throughout the lagoon’s area. The Karavasta area lies in the central part of Albania, on the Adriatic coast. A diverse mosaic of natural coastal habitats lies between the Shkumbini and Semani river deltas, with the major feature being the large Karavasta lagoon. The lagoon features sandy dunes on the Adriatic side, and scrubby pine forest on the other. The lagoon is part of Divjaka Pines National Park and has been under the protection of the Ramsar International Convention since 1994. The Park area contains one of the most important ecosystems in the country, rich with exotic fauna such as eel and is also home to 5% of the global population of the threatened Dalmatian Pelican. The tour starts at the entrance of the lagoon forest, crosses the coastline of the lagoon until Adriatik Village. While the tour duration, we’ll bike throughout 22km, but always within the lagoon. The route crosses the grasslands near the villages of Karavasta an Mucias. Birding enthusiasts might also be rewarded with a view of the very rare Slender-billed Curlew, of which there are estimated to be only 50 adults remaining in the wild.
This UNESCO World Heritage site city clings to the slope of Gjere Mountain above the valley of the Drinos river.


Local Language:
No. of Participants:
5-15 persons
Ideal for…
Lagoon’s nature fans, adventurous visitor
50 Eur and up
Karavasta lagoon, Mucias, Adriatik