Off Road Biking Tour


  • A great way to spend a day in an attractive mountainous landscape outside and literally “above” the city
  • Guided safe tour
  • Very cool views from the top of the mountain
  • Meet a romantic biker

What’s included?

  1. Mountain bike (full suspension)
  2. Protection accessories (helmets, elbow pads, knees pads)
  3. The guide
  4. Technical support

About the activity

We provide off road biking tours in the most interesting spots near Tirana. Our tours are scheduled by experienced riders to riders, hence you can be sure that every trip would be arranged and organized in details, in order to be great fun and pretty safe. Dajti Mountain would be the starting point of our tour. A place where riders are rewarded with amazing landscapes, various types of tracks, adrenaline and lots of fun, is Dajt Mountain . There are some very cool views from the top of the mountain. The road to follow for this itinerary is an old road, called “Shetitorja”or “The Promenade”. The itinerary that crosses two mountain ranges of Dajti, passes Qafmolla and runs through the villages to the southeast village of Selb. In the highest peak Selb, you can experience a fantastic view of Tirana and its surrounding villages. Once we pass the village Selb we take the road to the village Percellesh and Gure and its village lake, finishing in Fikas that will take us right in the village of Lunder. Lunder is one of the most popular areas of Commercial Centers and luxury villas as one of the most attractive location at the moment.


Local Language:
No. of Participants:
4-15 persons
Ideal for…
Bike lovers, Balkan’s nature fans, all ages, elevation backers
50 Eur and up
“Shetitorja”, Qafmolla, Selb, Percellesh, Gurre, Fikas, Lunder