About the ride

A place where riders are rewarded with amazing landscapes, various types of tracks, adrenaline and lots of fun, is Dajti Mountain.
There are some very cool views from the top of the mountain .Once you depart from the disarray of modern Tirana, the landscape quickly becomes more rural.

Further along you can spot the infamous military bunkers, the gruesome location of countless executions of political prisoners during communist rule. As they say in Albania, “these mountains are full of skeletons”. Once at the top of the mountain there is little to do but enjoy the view. Through the clouds it was possible to see as far as the port of Durres and out over the Adriatic Sea but sure you’d see much more on a clearer day.

Tirana, Albania’s capital, extends westwards from the foothills of Mount Dajti, 1612 meters high. A visit to the Dajti National Park is a great way to spend a day in an attractive mountainous landscape outside and literally “above” the city.  Once we arrive at the top, the tour hits a well-trodden trail that winds through the oak forest to the Cherry Pass, which runs between the two peaks of Dajti. The tour continues further along the trail, with continuous views of the western lowlands of Albania and the Adriatic coast. The trail leads to the peak of Tujani (1,580 m), which is the highest point that can be reached by foot. From the peak, the panorama broadens inland and you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Bovilla locked between the mountains and the remote highlands of Tirana, dominated by the St. Mary Miçek Mountain.